About Us

Intellicard is a publisher of medical information. We began producing the Resuscitator Card in 1989, and since then have developed other cards and books that are useful to medical practitioners.

People who practice medicine need critical information on indestructible, clearly formatted cards; this is where Intellicard has focused it’s publication effort.

We are continuing to develop more publications with the same simple concept—crystallize the information into succinct, clearly formatted books and cards.

In 1996, Intellicard published its first book, Symptom Management Algorithms for Palliative Care. As with our previous publications, we tried to include critical information for medical practitioners who need succinct guidelines to assist with the management of any patient. The book was widely accepted by practitioners of hospice and palliative medicine.

Interested readers and authors are welcome to Contact us with suggestions at
(509) 965-9266.