Symptom Management Algorithms: A Handbook for Palliative Care (3rd edition)

sm 4This book is out of stock. The next version will be available Jan, 2018.

This has been the best selling pocket sized handbook for palliative care in all realms of medicine for over a decade. Dr Seaman has worked front line medicine since the 1980’s and helped promote and create a practical approach to achieving excellent palliative care for those in the hospice, home care, and palliative care services in the hospital setting.

This 3rd edition of her award winning book updates cutting edge approach to pain management, identifying pain syndromes and using adjuvant medications.  Practical tips on how to treat the whole patient and family with addressing spiritual, emotional, cultural as well as physical distress.

Over 200 pages but still pocket sized, this addition addresses communication skill guidelines including the request for aid in dying from patients and caregivers.  The book augments the approach to other distressing symptoms such as cough, hiccups, anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, seizures, headache, as well as skin care guidelines.

Additional information includes expansion of cultural sensitivity guidelines, HIV and AIDS patient treatment guidelines, and much much more.  This is a must for beginning and seasoned practitioners working to mainstream palliative care in their work. Refer to the table of contents to review the topics addressed in the book.